On a prominent gateway intersection to the burgeoning north, SGKS ARCH have designed a new landmark to greet those entering the developing Reservoir. A mixed-use project combining 17 apartments and a childcare centre, the separate uses have been meticulously integrated into a unified built form such that neither use must sacrifice amenity for the other. Issues of privacy, ventilation and natural light are thoughtfully accommodated into a cohesive form without compromise; achieving the much needed density within the accessible and increasingly sought after area all the while maintaining and even enhancing the domestic suburban character.

While the awkward wedge shaped site offered a number of unique challenges it also provided unique opportunities. The long, curved frontage façade is unified with a 3-level high screen veil that provides privacy to the residences behind while creating an instantly recognisable identity to the prominent corner site and will ultimately become green…. The scale of the building is broken down to a suburban scale with the series of elements that pay homage to the skillion roofs, defining the individual homes within. Sharp, clean lines cut behind long gentle curves all articulated through tactile materials like timber, textured concrete and earthy-red terracotta zinc giving the building an honest, domestic feel. Much like the carefully tended gardens of Reservoir, planting flows over, around and across the building tying the building to its context with green.

Land Size: 1670 m2
Stage: Permit Approved