A timeless design language gives this pair of prestige car showrooms their distinctive aesthetic. Home to McLaren and Lamborghini, the project is located on Swan Street, Richmond, a precinct that has become synonymous with luxury car brands.

To the street, the project presents a sleek combination of glass and steel, its unexpected angularity giving the built form a feeling of movement. The two buildings share design elements, but they each have a distinct character. A lightweight framework of beams and pillars traces the outside of the building, reiterating the strong lines of the built forms and accommodating signage.

The exterior acts as a streamlined backdrop for the curves and colours of the cars, the flexible volume allowing for various spatial arrangements and permitting cars to be moved into and out of the space with ease. At night, the building becomes an illuminated box showcasing the vehicles within.

A central driveway leads to two high-performance workshops at the rear of the site, each fitted with the essential tools for maintaining prestige vehicles in peak condition.